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C Section Underwear (Set of 2) | Sexy Maroon

C Section Underwear (Set of 2) | Sexy Maroon

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Our c-section underwear comprises of a set of two underwear, which provides your c-section wound with everything it needs to heal faster in one place. 

1) The Multifunctional C-Section Recovery Underwear (Post-Surgery Underwear)

  • Allows air to get to c-section wounds directly with great ease to dry and heal c-section wounds faster
  • Hypoallergenic foam eliminates all the major irritations that cause healing delays (i.e: itching, swelling, soreness, swelling etc)
  • Offers complete comfort and protection to wound
  • This underwear can be worn throughout the day and night. They are also super comfy to sleep in!

2) The Absorbent Belly-Fold Towel 

  • The absorbent belly-fold towel underwear has been specially designed to dry the area after having a bath/shower, and therefore must be worn in the first few minutes only immediately after having a bath/shower.
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