Set Of Two

 The Post-Surgery Underwear

  • Perforated Holes allow air to access the c-section wound with great ease, this helps to substantially reduce heat retention and wound moisture retention, which helps to speed the healing process, because the wound cannot heal until it has dried.
  • Super-Soft, Hypoallergenic Foam helps fight bacteria, wicks away moisture and helps take away foul smell. It also helps to significantly reduce major irritations such as itchiness, swelling, redness etc. The foam also offers complete protection to the c-section wound, and acts as a guard between the wound coming into contact with anything that could potentially cause it additional trauma or injury, such as other younger children coming into close contact, baby's feet (while breastfeeding or while on the sling), surfaces (i.e; sink surfaces etc), car seat belts etc. 
  • Dome Shape Panel has been carefully constructed to ensure that it is completely away from the wound, this helps to prevent the wound from rubbing against anything that could cause it pain, irritation and discomfort. The panel also ensures that the underwear does not roll down and sit on the incision site. Most importantly, the panel ensures that the underwear does not stick to wound moisture whereby detaching is extremely painful  
  • Soft Waistband has been specially sewed in a way that helps support the excess stomach overhang stay in place, in order to make way for air access the wound.


The Absorbent Belly-Fold Towel Underwear


The Absorbent Belly-Fold Towel Underwear has been specially designed and recommended for use in the first few minutes after having a bath or shower, it helps to pat dry the area around the belly-fold without you having to do anything. 

  • The Soft absorbent material helps to dry the excess water in the stomach overhang area after having a bath or shower or on a sweaty day.
  • Once the area has dried after few minutes, the post-surgery underwear with the perforated holes (see below) can then be worn for the rest of the day and throughout the night.