Every Post-Surgery underwear purchased will help a woman diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or just after giving birth. 10% of every post-surgery underwear purchased will be donated to Mummy’s Star which is the only charity dedicated to supporting women who have been diagnosed with cancer in and around pregnancy. 

Zephyr Ease will support Mummy's Star which is a charity that helps these women through the entire journey from diagnosis, through birth, loss and beyond.

Every day, in the UK, two pregnant women are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer during pregnancy or just after having a baby brings lots of additional concerns and challenges for women. Instead of excitement and joy they are filled with anxiety, feelings of isolation, grieving the motherhood they had always hoped for and having to make lots of difficult choices.

Mummy's Star mission is to reduce women’s anxiety and feelings of isolation, enable them to make informed choices about their cancer treatment and pregnancy, and raise awareness about the financial, logistical and psychological challenges they may face on their journey.

Mummy's Star also work closely with midwives and healthcare professionals, so they are more likely to spot any early signs of cancer in a pregnant woman and to ensure they are better placed to care for women who receive a cancer diagnosis during their pregnancy.

How do Mummy’s Star help mums and mums to be?

There are three incredible Information and Support Workers, all have a background in healthcare and lived experience of cancer. They have a real understanding about the impact cancer has on a young family and provide dedicated and bespoke support for mums, including:

Regular check ins - a monthly check-in by phone or video call, and ongoing communications regarding treatment, surgery, pregnancy related concerns and general wellbeing. Each team member supports 100 women a month.

Managing 3 online support forums - that offer a safe space for 450 mums diagnosed with cancer to ask questions and talk to others going through a similar experience. They help women feel less isolated or alone.

Signposting - where additional help is needed, the team can make referrals to specialist services and other agencies to ensure a woman can access support to suit her and her family’s needs.


Mummy’s Star was founded in 2013 by Pete Wallroth in memory of his wife, Mair. Mair was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 22 weeks pregnant with their second child. Tragically Mair passed away when their son was 10 weeks old, and their daughter was just three.

Although they received excellent care, as a family they felt isolated and didn’t always have all the information they needed. So, Pete created Mummy’s Star to ensure that every woman diagnosed with cancer in and around pregnancy could access the support and information her and her family needed.

How will Zephyr Ease’s support help mums and mums to be?

Zephyr Ease are so touched by the work Mummy’s Star do and the women they help, that they have chosen to donate 10% of every post-surgery underwear sold to Mummy’s Star.

  • £335 could pay for a bespoke Cancer and Pregnancy Training and Education session for midwives, healthcare professionals or students. Ensuring they have the right information and knowledge to recognise the signs and enable a quick and accurate diagnosis.
  • £1,000 could pay for specialist lightweight equipment, such as a buggy or swivel car seat, to help mums look after their babies after surgery.
  • Giving mum a better chance of healing physically and improving her wellbeing as she can care for her baby on her own.
  • £2,500 could pay for the online forums for six months, giving mums the lifeline they need to chat to other mums, ask questions and get reassurance from women who truly understand what they are going through.

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