The Dangers Of Using Hairdryer to Dry C-Section Wounds

The Dangers Of Using Hairdryer to Dry C-Section Wounds

We all know the importance of air when it comes to wound healing, but despite its importance, there are no post-surgery underwear in the market designed to allow air to get to c-section wounds directly and with ease, in order to dry and heal the wound quicker.

After having a c-section most women tend to opt for granny knickers simply because they are baggy and comfy, but despite their bagginess and comfiness, granny underwear covers the whole abdominal area, making it extremely difficult for air to get to the wound. Health professionals constantly remind mums the importance of finding ways that will ensure that air gets to their wounds because the wound cannot fully heal until it has dried and c-section wounds heavily depend on getting air to heal faster.

C-Section mums are encouraged by midwives to lie flat on their backs, with their panties rolled down at least once everyday and just simply relax and allow air to flow into their wounds. Midwives also encourage c-section mums to use hair dryers towards their wounds (at cold setting) for a few minutes - These few minutes can be very therapeutic for c-section mums because not only does it allow the wound to breathe but it also feels very liberating for the wound to not have anything sitting or rubbing against it.

The hair dryer method has been a very popular recommendation by health professionals over the years, because they know that c-section wounds cannot heal quickly without air.

Recently, doctors have started discouraging  C-Section mums from using hair dryers to dry their wounds, because they believe that hair dryers are usually clogged by hair, dust, dirt, and hairspray. Some studies have indicated that hair dryers may be even dirtier than sinks and toilets because they are often overlooked as an item in need of cleaning by housekeeping, and sometimes go on for weeks – or even years – without ever being cleaned or disinfected.

According to studies, it is very important that c-section mums try to avoid using hair dryers to dry their c-section wounds as it could be very damaging, because the dirt and bacteria stored in the hair dryer blowing it back directly into c-section wounds can lead to infection. Our multi-functional post-surgery panties have been specially designed to liberate women from the frustration of having to use hair dryers and all the lengths they have to go to keep their wounds dry.

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