How The Type Of Underwear You Choose To Wear Affects Your Healing

How The Type Of Underwear You Choose To Wear Affects Your Healing

Up until very recently, women have always been advised to wear granny knickers after giving birth by c-section because they are baggy and comfy, but despite being comfy granny knickers completely cover the whole abdomen, making it very difficult for air to get to c-section wounds, this leads to many complications such as a build-up of heat and wound moisture retention, itchiness, foul smell, redness and other challenges that can lead to wound infections such as cellulitis.
Following many years of research, and working very closely with doctors, midwives, tissue viability specialists and hundreds of c-section mums, our findings have indicated that granny knickers are one of the biggest culprits behind c-section wound healing delays because in order for wounds to dry and heal sufficient air flow is needed which cannot be obtained from wearing granny knickers as the material blocks air from getting to wound. Other challenges women experience while wearing granny knickers include the fact that they have a tendency to roll down and get buried under the stomach overhang where the wound is causing a lot of pain and irritation, they sometimes stick to wound moisture and detaching can be very painful
Another popular go-to underwear c-section mums sometimes wear are Mesh knickers. Unfortunately, mesh have been known to cause "rough-rubbing sensation" against the incision because of the texture of the material, the adhesive on sanitary pads also have a tendency to tear the mesh in the crotch area of the underwear.
Finally, compression garments, its not rocket science that these cannot be worn until c-section wounds have fully healed, which is why according to the governments N.I.C.E guidelines compression garments cannot be worn until six to eight weeks post c-section surgery after c-section wounds have fully healed and turned into scars, because they have been specifically designed to help with the repair of c-section scars and not with the healing of c-section wounds. 
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