Protecting C-Section Wound From Injury

How Protecting Your C-Section Wound Helps To Promote Healing

After having a c-section, there's always that constant fear of objects or babies feet coming into contact with the wound causing additional trauma to it. C-Section mums are usually very weary of their wounds coming into contact with anything especially after the dressing comes off.

Things like baby's feet, surfaces around the house such as sink surfaces, baby bouncers, and even while outside the the house, simple things like car seat belts, prams, shopping trollies etc can very easily cause friction, and a lot of discomfort to the c-section wound.

Zephyr Ease post surgery underwear has been specially designed taking into consideration all of these factors, to ensure that the underwear does not only offer healing and maximum comfort but it also offers complete protection to your c-section wound.

"Wound Protection" is vital to c-section wound recovery both mentally and physically, it is something that c-section mums are constantly weary of.

Knowing that you can get on with your day and not have to worry about your c-section wound is a huge milestone!


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how long does it take for your wound to heal?


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